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Customer Pricing Levels

Ziegler & Ames provides the best products, quality and service in the industry, bar none.  In addition to our industry wide reputation for exceptional excellence, we also offer priviledged pricing to those independent Funeral Homes that leverage the potential of our program.

We offer two pricing levels Buyer and Partner - in return for broad representation in their selection rooms. We do not offer volume pricing. Rather, our price structure reflects the commitment level, not the size, of the relationship.

Why do we reward our customers based on the number of our urns that they display instead of the volume of their orders? Because our research shows that families often buy the urns that they see. We feel confident that the more Ziegler & Ames urns that families can see, the more often they will choose our products. This is why we strongly encourage our customers to engrave their display urns, to help their customers visualize engraving their urn too.

No matter which pricing level they choose, we offer the same beautiful products, quality, engraving services, and customer service to all our customers.

For customers with multiple locations, pricing levels are on a per-location basis.

To receive the pricing level which best suits you, please call us today at 888-527-1860.

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